Spam? I think not.

I received my very first comment from a stranger out there!  SOMEONE actually found my blog post and took the time to read it…and then took the time to comment!  Well, only 5 words, but still.  They were 5 great words for someone like me, a newbie blogger.  And I quote:

Great blog post. Saw on…

Hmm.   Saw onnnnnnnnnn…………. WHAT?  WHAT did you see it on exactly?  Wish I knew, but this way  I can  just fill in the blanks:  Great blog post.  Saw on my Google search for ‘great blog posts’.

Really…a strange set of eyes presumably stumbled upon my words, then took the time to read and comment.  Even if it was only 1 truncated sentence and a partial thought, I’m elated!

Unfortunately, WordPress interpreted those 5 words as spam, and promptly dumped them into a spam bucket.  Two weeks ago.

Spam? There was nothing inappropriate, not even a sales pitch or request for funding to be wired to Nigeria.  Just an incomplete comment meant for the cyberspace masses or meant for no one at all.  But, honestly.  What kind of person would spam blast ‘Great blog post. Saw on…‘ ?

Whatever…it doesn’t even matter.  Those 5 words brought me encouragement to keep on writing, and I’ll just pretend that whoever took the time to (mis)post those 5 words, did so with the best of intentions.  I’ll forever be appreciative, and happy to offer any assistance I can to ensure that your complete thought gets posted next time around.

Stay tuned, Spammer, for my next post.  Coming very soon.



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