Here on Earth With You


The sunshine’s warmth upon my skin on a brisk autumn day

brings good feelings to my heart,

for I know it’s nature’s way.


The sobering news of malignancy brings clarity to mind

for appreciation of battle,

of facing moments in time.


The smile on my children’s faces, no matter what their age

and the way their warmth envelops me

in every single stage.


Their laughter and their triumphs, their special little ways

that make me feel so blessed

with each passing day.


The joys I share in marriage, our love endures the years.

The support we share for each other,

no matter what the fears.


The way he looks so pensive, lost in thoughts of distress–

The way I reassure him,

our tomorrows will be the best.


I step up, front and center, to see how the facts unfold

and I face what lies before me,

choosing what the future holds.


Decisions hard to fathom, in order to pursue

a lifetime of more love,

here on earth with you.

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