Spammer, you still out there?

Okay, Spammer.  Clearly, I’m a FAIL at blogging. On March 25th, I’d promised you I’d be posting soon.  Even as I type this, I’m shaking my head in that ‘What Was I Thinking?’ sort of way.  You know: the look of astonishment and disappointment that people wear on their faces, when they are dumbfounded that they were stupid enough to promise something that they knew all along had minimal chance of actually happening. (I said MINIMAL chance…not NO chance).  I was hopeful, but reticent.

After all the excitement of seeing your (mis)posted comment, I reacted quickly and with delight, by posting my response to your response. Then something awful happened.  Two people I not only know well, but who know ME well, began to follow my blog.

How the hell did THAT happen?  I screwed up.  I made the error of sharing my blog with one of them, right after I launched it.  I guess I was overly enthusiastic about the idea of blogging (in an effort to keep writing regularly).  The other one caught on when I was trying to link my response (to your response) to the Facebook page I set up for my blog, but inadvertently posted it to my own personal Facebook page instead. It took me about 2 hours to figure out my error, but it was too late. She’d already spotted it, read my blog post and became a follower.

The whole appeal of blogging was that I’d be writing to cyberspace, with invisible readers, not readers with real FACES.  So knowing that my only 2 readers in this cyberspace world of mine actually have faces that I love and adore, I’m reticent about continuing on.  It’s completely stupid, I know.  After all, I LOVE these 2 peeps.  They’re MY peeps.  And, they know how I think and feel about most everything.  MOST everything. Which leaves room for NOT EVERYTHING.

So, the net of it is, Spammer:  If I haven’t lost you forever already, try to hang in there, please!  I’ll try to post again soon about something that IS on my mind…I just have to sift through the assortment of things that keeps me awake at night, and decide which one is going to get front and center next.

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