Thoughts on Motherhood..

Motherhood can conjure up a vast array of emotions, deeply personal and significantly intimate for every woman who has ever experienced that special journey.

Yesterday, I was especially struck by this video recently shared on Facebook.  Titled ‘The Gift of an Ordinary Day’ by Katrina Kenison, it expresses my feelings so precisely that I can’t imagine having said it better myself.

This week, as I visit my own Mom (who’s recently entered her ninth decade) I’m inspired by her amazing ability for continued independence, her astuteness and interest in the ongoing world around her.  I’m especially inspired by her strength to persevere. And, of course, I know she loves me to the deepest depths of motherhood love.

In thinking about the events that create a lifetime, I consider the differences between the childhood that I experienced and that of my own three children. Theirs was quite similar to the beautiful imagery that was so poignantly penned and voiced by Ms. Kenison.  I’ll bet decades ago, as newlyweds themselves, my own parents had dreamed about that sort of childhood for me and for my siblings.    But unexpected curve balls intervened.  We had plenty of events in our childhood, just not of the sort one might anticipate.

With the arrival of my first beautiful grandchild just over a year ago, and for all those future grandchildren who I know will be coming into this wonderful world, I wish for them and their loving parents nothing more than the extraordinary gift of an ordinary day.





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