The Prize Value of a Cracker Jack Culture

Buried deep within popcorn coated with Molasses,

Is a small plastic prize that might require glasses.

“A Prize in Every Box”, no one’s left out

Cracker Jack culture has become a colossal cult.


A trophy, a ribbon, an award handed out

To anyone, everyone, no one must pout.

To those who stood by, watching from the side

You too get rewarded, for nothing you tried.


So where is the value?  The value of The Prize?

It becomes meaningless, as we become snide.

There is no value, nothing has been paid.

The tribute becomes worthless.

The Prize becomes frayed.


Where, you ask, can the Value be found?

In your life, you must look around.

It’s not in your things, or the places we go.

It’s not in the tangibles, but surely you must know.


The Prize is right there beside you,

where it’s been all along.

It’s in the faces of your loved ones,

the ones that keep you strong.


Look no further, stop right now.

Step to the mirror, and take a deep bow.

The Prize is right there, deep within you.

The Prize is in your soul.

You surely know it’s true.


That aura that reflects the person you may doubt-

It’s there with you now, like a blanket spread out.

Keep it safe, keep it near, and never forget,

the value is within YOU

draped like a net.


Gaze at the heavens, gaze up above.

The stars will surround you,

just like our love.

Look no further, stop right now!

You are the PRIZE — we will avow.

2 thoughts on “The Prize Value of a Cracker Jack Culture

  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Thurman


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