Memoir Music: What’s In Your Playlist?

IMG_0385As the holidays approach and the year winds down,  I’ve created a ‘memoir playlist’ on iTunes.  It’s all the music that I became immersed in as a twelve year old after an incomprehensible loss.  These songs will once again comfort me as I embark upon a six month intensive writing curriculum, transporting myself back for one last microscopic journey into the life that was mine. I will come full circle, as I finalize the narrative to the broadest circumference in the ripple effect that was launched by the careless toss of somebody else’s pebble.

Do you have a memoir playlist that transports you to a pivotal time in your life?

9 thoughts on “Memoir Music: What’s In Your Playlist?

  1. Wonderful that you have complied your playlist. I have several for different occasions. I listen to one when I go walking that is full of songs that are great for working out problems in my head and take me back to other times of my life. Music is so evocative 🙂


  2. During the Christmas season, I listen to Christmas carols. The rest of the year, I listen to jazz. I need my music as I write. Blessings.


    • Life and Other Turbulence

      Music enhances just about everything, doesn’t it? I love the Christmas carols too. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


  3. Any and all 80’s music transports me right back to my skating rink queen bee days, LOL.

    I have so many playlists for just about every occasion. Cat Stevens is featured often, as my mom would sing his songs to me as a child.

    What are some of the songs on your list?


    • Life and Other Turbulence

      I love Cat Stevens! My playlist is heavy with The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Elton John, Mamas & The Papas, Frankie Valli, Diana Ross, and the Moody Blues. I have 20 songs of Cat Stevens on there too, of course. I really love ALL genres of music, but it’s been a real time warp to have the memoir playlist. And…I tried hard not to, but I’ve just added Sarah Bareilles’s song BRAVE, which could not be more perfect for writing memoir. Not a fit with the 60’s era, but who cares…it’s motivating 🙂 Besides my memoir playlist, I have only 2 others (for a music library in excess of 2800 songs): COOL NEW SONGS, and MORE COOL NEW SONGS (which is now several hundred). I loved the song on your site Ten Thousand Words, so promptly went to iTunes and downloaded it (and added it to the MORE list). Soon, I’ll need to create MEMOIR 90’s, because I’ve almost written to the part of my memoir where I jump forward three decades to write about ‘the rest of the story’.


      • Bee Gees! Yes! I love all the groups you mention. Ahhh that Sara song. I love it, but hate how mainstream it is. The acoustic performance she does with just her piano is prob my fave–she does Elton’s Good Bye Yellow Brick even better than Elton.

        Come check out my weekend site, I have playlists every weekend and in the footer:) I’ve got a link to it up right now as a reblog. If you love words and music, you’ll love the site.


      • Life and Other Turbulence

        Ya, mainstream grabbed onto Brave pretty quickly, but so far I’ve not burned out on it. Just downloaded her rendition of Good Bye Yellow Brick Road and you are so right…I love it! (Thanks!) Just clicked on your other site…and became a new follower. Great job! Look forward to exploring it more and finding some new artists and songs to add to my library. Thanks, Christy!


      • Yay! Glad to have you at Words! It’s a fun group, make yourself at “home” and speak freely.

        Have a great week! -c


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