I Feel You Nearby

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I still miss you, every day.

There’s times I find my mind elsewhere.  Often it’s thinking back on my cherished moments with you throughout all those years.  I hear your voice so clearly in the wisdom you left, the encouragement you gave, and the pride you expressed. I hear the love you voiced using words that left no doubt.

I miss talking to you every day.  I miss your true interest in whatever it is I’m doing.  I miss your camaraderie in our lengthy conversations and similar perspectives on issues like integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust-worthiness.  I miss your example, which you lived for me every single day of your life.

You’d written about your readiness but I didn’t want it to be so.  I’d read your words over and over again, knowing but not believing.

When I think back to that day, which came so unexpectedly, I can’t help but cry.  I didn’t know.  I wasn’t prepared.  You didn’t give me time to say goodbye.  It all happened so fast.

I feel the swell of tears as they cloud my vision and promptly bring me back to the here and now.  I feel you nearby, and I know you’re still thinking of me.

My heart will never forget you.

I still miss you, every day, Dad.