Crap Culture…it’s enough already

Picture 3The media’s obsession with Hollywood is nauseating.  I mean, honestly, does anyone CARE how many times Kim Kardashian has changed her clothes today?  Is there some reason we need to be following Lindsay Lohan all the way to Brazil, and then be astonished that she’s not returning to the United States?  And, Nicki Minaj…why do we need to know what she tweeted after the last Idol elimination?   Yes, yes…the media only creates news that they think the viewers will crave.  WHO ARE these people who obsess over Hollywood celebrities?   Do they not have a clue that ‘celebrity’ is nothing more than smoke and mirrors?  Celebrity is a simple mirage.  It’s an image that has been carefully crafted, specifically to appeal to those who are so easily swept off their feet by the illusion.  Most celebrities were already legends in their own minds before their followers bought in to the lunacy.

I just don’t get it. And two years ago? Back in 2011? I didn’t get it then either. That’s when good ‘ole Charlie Sheen was making millions acting like an absolute lunatic.  I was so angry at the media exposure he was getting that I vented my thoughts into an essay, that took me about 3 minutes to crank out.

I titled it ‘Charlie Sheen: JUST SHUT UP’.  You can read it here:

Sigh…it’s enough to make you wonder where we’re really headed as a society, if these are the kinds of ‘celebrities’ we’re so focused on in our nightly news.  If crap culture is going mainstream, society is up a creek without a paddle.  IMHO.